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If you're seeking spiritual community in Shelby, here's some openly affirming spiritual groups that we recommend. Please know that we do not see queer folks as having to be a part of a spiritual group to be whole persons and good community members and holistically fulfilled. If you're seeking one, however, here's spaces we recommend as accepting! Feel free to make/add suggestions to us for this list.

Spiritually Safe in Shelby: About

Shelby, NC

"Everyone who walks through our door is welcome. Episcopal Churches can be a bit confusing because we sit and stand and use lots of books. You will pick that up if you stay, and we laugh at ourselves all the time, so you won't offend us. Some of us dress up on Sundays some do not. Some sing, some watch, many ask questions because that is how a church should be. A community which allows people to be people.

Love is at the heart of Christian Spirituality and love is something which builds people up and makes them stand taller and stronger. God made you, and God loves you, and we don't set up lots of rules and regulations about who is in and who is out. We believe God is deeply in love with every living person no matter their age, gender, orientation, race, language or anything else we use build fences around each other.

Wherever you have some from and wherever you are going you are welcome here."

Shelby, NC
(and surrounding area)

The NC Piedmont Church of Wicca was founded in 1999 to provide access to Wiccan teachings and religious services to sincere spiritual seekers in and around the Carolina piedmont region.

We are proud of our history of community service and inclusiveness. We have been in involved in many cooperative projects, including several Pagan Pride Day events. We also host an annual weekend Pagan festival each Beltane.

NCPCOW events are family oriented and kid friendly.

Our rituals are eclectic in nature and emphasize the experiential relationship between humanity and the Divine. Our rites often include dramatized myth as a method of forging and reinforcing our connection with Divinity.

Spiritually Safe in Shelby: List
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